Instruction founded on facts.

Based on anatomy & function, not metaphor and copying

Every single body does the exact same things to create sound from the air we breathe. But it feels different to each of us and we can't see our singing parts working - so it is confusing! Laura's expertise allows her to be your guide to the clues and sensations your body it telling you about how to sing with more ease and beauty and expression.

Choir-singer secret:

We often have disfunctional relationships with our voices.

  • You have more fun singing with a group than most anything else in your life, but you don’t know what your own voice sounds like.

  • You attend choir for years and years and give of your time or money to keep the group going, but you haven't invested in own own singing skills.

  • Your beloved director makes you crazy because you can’t do what she asks for.

  • You resent the people who take solos.

  • You don't really know if you sing in the correct section for your real voice.

  • You go home from choir every week with throat pain, and yet wanting to do it again.

  • You hate your voice but you love your choir.

All of which all leads to one, undeniable fact... may be afraid to explore your voice and find something wonderful. You might be hiding your light in a bushel. You might be denying yourself satisfying work in self-discovery. You might be denying your choir the best voice you can contribute.

And that is a shame

...since you love your choir and you love singing with those dear people!

Silver Lining Voice gets it.

Laura Wayte has had all those thoughts and internal conversations.

Singing beautifully is both an art and a science. And while not everyone wants to be a soloist and spend thousands on lessons, you should be able to improve at your favorite activity. The good news is… there are ways to get over your hangups and negative thoughts by learning basic, functional anatomy (nothing in Latin, even) and by discovering the wonderful miracle of the human voice (your voice!) and that it can serve you beautifully and in ways you didn’t even know.

What are you buying for $65?

This course replaces at least 5 private voices lessons (a $250 value)

  • Video-guided voice lesson

  • Shortened guided-voice lesson, video and audio

  • Support materials for vocal exercises

  • Video-guided posture and breathing routine

  • Three supplementary videos on my teaching philosophy

  • Two songs in two keys each, with scores and audio accompaniment

  • Detailed introductory videos for each song with introduction to score-reading for singers

We start all together on August 1, 2020

45-minutes per day and on your own schedule!

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  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

Everyone should sing more often!

I love teaching people to sing. It offers beauty, health and recreation to people of all abilities.


  • What is the time commitment?

    The course is designed so you can participate on your own schedule with your 45-minutes per day practice. There will be only 3 events to attend in-real-time with other students and we will schedule those as a group to accommodate schedules as much as possible.

  • What equipment do I need to take this course

    You will need a computer with internet streaming, speakers or headphones good enough to allow you to hear me while you are singing, and the ability to print out sheet music once in a while.

  • Who is this course for?

    Designed for adults and young adults. You don't need to be trained or even be what people consider 'a singer'. This course is for anyone who wants to simply sing for the joy of singing, and better understand how their voice works.

  • Can I get feedback directly from you?

    Yes! Throughout the course I will hold live group Q&A sessions, or you can post questions to me or any other participant on our course discussion group. At the end of the course we will all meet for optional singing and sharing. You will not be alone in this endeavor!

  • How do I get more info?

    You can email me directly at I'll look forward to your questions!

About Laura Wayte

“The human voice is so intimate, spinning out like physicalized feelings searching for resonance.“ -- Laura Wayte.




Laura grew up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, earned a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Vermont, and an M.M. in Voice from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. 

For 20 years, Laura has been performing opera, song and more, and teaching singing of all styles. Her singing has been consistently praised for its lyrical expression and rich tonal qualities, and for her ability to connect with and move her audiences at the highest caliber. Laura lives with her family in Eugene, Oregon, where she gardens and helps people to sing freely and healthfully.

What are you waiting for?

Your time away from choir doesn't have to be devoid of vocal growth. Silver Lining Voice will help you show up to choir better than ever!